What Our Customers are Saying...


“It’s great to find a company that can come in, review your business and help formulate a plan that helps you get back on track when business is so busy.

The facility of being able to have help to go back to basics again and then follow up and re-train staff to ensure we are all multi-tasking as we should.

This fresh thinking company makes all the difference when you want to add changes to a business that needs restructuring.

The use of new technology enables these changes to happen and having a supplier that is able to help you through the change makes it all the better and well worth paying for!”

Jon Bickers – Sales & Marketing Manager – 1st Defense Fire & Rescue Services



“Along with her exceptional applied project management skills (she’ll never drop a ball), I’ve always appreciated Kat’s down to earth professionalism and industry-savvy attention to detail.

Always the dedicated professional, with a unique and affable talent for just getting on with it when that’s just what’s needed.

Working closely with her on a number of diverse and successful projects, I found her keen attention to detail, her due diligence, and a truly inspiring ability to quickly grasp the Big Picture, as qualities I could depend on (and sometimes rely on!).

Thank you Kat for some great and profitable times and I’m hopeful of many more in the future!”

DS – Chief Learning Officer



“I worked with Kat to source a team of highly skilled, multi-lingual trainers/consultants for a high priority project. Kat provided an immediate solution and managed to match our criteria very quickly indeed. We made a lot of demands of Kat and her team and she dealt with them in a good natured and highly professional way. The project was delayed a number of times but Kat stayed in contact with us during the delay and gave us regular updates on her team’s availability, as well as suggesting possible solutions to roadblocks we encountered.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kat as a professional and dedicated individual who excels at finding the right solution every time.”

EW – Education Services Senior Manager



“I have worked with Kat for a few years now, her ability to absorb information on new and technically challenging subjects is considerable, if you want to get a job done then Kat is that very reliable person – they say there is a world of difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it, Kat actually does it!”

WH – Digital Marketing Management



“Kat has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She goes well above and beyond what is necessary to get the job done and shows great vision and understanding of the market. I would have no hesitation in recommending any individual or organisation to work with Kat in the future.

NB – Head of Technical Services



“I have worked with Kat on a number of proposals over time and have found her to be highly professional and customer-focused; always looking to make sure the customer is 100% happy with the solution proposed and delivered. Kat also has a great sense of humour, making working with her a great experience.

SW – Channel Pre-Sales Engineer




“I have known and worked with Kat for a number years now. Very professional, organised and business focussed, pragmatic and delivers on her commitments. I can highly recommend her.”

II – Service Delivery Manager